solo lyric video

so let’s try this for the fourteenth time 
i hope i am not out of line when i say you are 
so heavy these days
where’s your smile on your face 
i know you better than you think

no i am not sorry for what i’ve said or done over the years we’ve known each other
i have become wise and wild in ways and unkind
i will stay that way 

still over time as we grow 
i will know
and you know
no one can deny me what i know
so go alone 


more than i can ever know i will let you come into my life and show me 

what i ever know 
all the way down here 
all things right away 

still do you believe
in your mourning and morning in me 

no i’m not ready but if i was ready i would let you know 
(now i know i see so i'm serving) 
this is all your word and i won’t
story i go, it’s too late tonight so tomorrow

solo lyric video