straight out of the heavens i see
everyone i know is really


no one else is around me


this is the only chance you get


every day after is now equipped
everything that i have always missed

(open up the door for me)

it has let it dawn

no i can ever say that i always wouldn’t be the right way to fall down on you
time and time again i’ve tried to see the rhythm of my mind and you know that i have always listened now

every time i’m coming
(save me now)
down i
(listen how)
more my heart is in the ground than i
(wanna be in the raw law then on lallolly now)
don’t listen how i wanna know you feel
i only know Lucille

if i could not play
now i lay round here now
(still i)
my mind is ever clear
(believe in)
something out there to see through
(this is all new)
to see through me
like i see through you
(oh hold me dearly)


(love me nearly enough)
i’ll come clean
(i am all)
this is all my making
everything comes back around to you and me

softly live video