semordnilap – 'a word, phrase, or sentence that forms another when its letters are reversed' – palindromes

reading randomly and taking time to ponder the energetic relationship between each pair of concepts is recommended

doom mood

maps spam

loops spool

tums smut

noob boon

emit time

mad dam

pool loop

mile elim

mac cam

wolf flow

wed dew

gah hag

god dog

star rats

bad dab

bag gab

loot tool

leer reel

eep pee

raw war

evil live

say yas

tao oat

am ma

ate eta


un nu

let tell

gal lag

i'm my

piss sip

gull lug

wall law

sick kiss

slap pals

staff fats

kits stick

rave evar

late et al.

hurt true

real layer

loud dual

neat teen

slug gulls

drab bard

can knack

rich cheer

note e–ton

face e–safe

when new

tarot torah

pour r u op

luna annul

nude dune

home emo

mob bomb

cope epoch

nicer resign

tacos so cat

soda a dose

teach cheat

really healer

screw works

let go og tell

muse e–sum

lesson no sell

elbow wobble

notice sit own

funny enough

wallet tell awe

funny enough

mason no sam

sorted debt rose

ketamine enima tech

metaphor rough atom

the wisdom and karma of our language can be found in the correlations and distinctions of meaning around words and their technical and metaphorical opposites

© mmxii–mmxxi

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