no other. no other. no other. no other. no other. what is the other voice, what is the other thing. the doubt. the fear. the unsurety. it is here, but it isn’t here. it must be recognized and loved in it’s non space. this is dark matter. non existence is real but unreal simultaneously due to it’s nature. follow energy in your body and find the floor, the point where it cuts off, then loosen and let go. fall. fall. fall. through all. through all. through all. i know. i know. i know. it all. i feel love and falling constantly crawling in my own ball i wander lonely lofty though it seems it is a calling. always a calling caaaught me. right side. left and right plus far back awareness and togetherness = 3 = 3 = 3 = 3 and what is even more? <3 more than three = <3 right side, feel right side speak right side, body.