non conceptual,

finding the clear line of communication, and before that, experience, in a totalitarian fashion, comes from complete devotion to the state of witnessing awareness, despite all threads of meaning(for me mainly associated with going the wrong direction, allowing something in my body that can hurt me, and mistaking something, aka, being ‘wrong’) letting the actual experience happen fully and MAINTAINING awareness of the thread of love, beauty, acceptance, and true knowing that all things are exact representations of reality, and that nothing need be feared, but all can be met with PRESENTLY only, with the expanse of space and possibilities of beautiful perceptions of what is happening.

mind runout,

this is something that i feel must accompany the previous topic and something i have noticed in the past that does not allow for clear space to be had or developed and also must exist IN PARALLEL to the previous, in others continue happening over and over. this function, and more over the allowance of this function, fulfills the full scope of the energy shift, as well as keeping the experience true as it always asks for the ego to be dropped in the specific way that is most hard for your identity to presume. this function, is allowing the mind, it’s thought patterns, concepts, judgements, fears, and qualms, to be run through and run out. aka releasing these things and their energy so they do not continually run round and round the mind. the function of running them out, i think, involves being aware of the thoughts as they express themselves as a waterfall pouring out of you. all the aspects of this that don’t get released or that stay inside are one’s that i judge myself for having more than anything. always i think.


what causes me to be drawn toward or away from anything.

it is the fractured positives and negatives in all things?