For One More

stay here

stay here

oooh always

in all ways

i’m still, i wrote it at that tempo

i’m liberal as hell

just wanna focus eyes

keep on the rhythm until you’re solid

stay on it with me and you know that you are sorted

for now for now for now mind

for now for now for now mined

i just like to stay up on the culture

bitches they be screaming at me like they vultures

i know everything and got no walls now

everyone is looking at me at the check out

i’m just here to harvest your doubt for one more day

be on your way

more more more more

everything i do is so damn cool

don’t get mad at me for playing the fool

for as the sun sets the other one rise

maybe i should not have broken my ties

by that misogynistic lyric earlier


easy, it’s on it’s way

feeling, all outer space

out of space?

just believe

only believe