who am i, what am i, who am i, what am i. i am love, i am god energy. i am love i am god energy.

what is this, i am feeling good, can i keep it up? surely it means something, surely it holds some weight, surely i can’t keep it up, surely i can reciprocate. wait. wait. wait. feel. still feel. never leave feeling. never forget now. my lack of information clarity comes from my attachment to constructs that i still allow to falsely hold meaning to me. like losing my card and not paying for coffee.

who am i. i feel alone as my day goes, i feel afraid as my day goes, i know that my day holds unknowns. i know that i cannot hold up to knowing everything, i must let go, i must let go. i wait for the phone. i wait for the one who knows. i love everyone, but does everyone know? everything is free, it must be free, it must have known.

what am i doing, my mind has full blown hallucinations of processing, that i love, and that love me and help me, but i’ve lost them now and they’re not happening. i am scared of the day that i’ve brought so much weight to in my dreams of yesterday. amen, away.

i love you. i love my way. how am i pretending, and what am i pretending to say? i feel the heaviness of my belief systems still lingering away. and i want them, i want to know them fully, so i can fully give them away.

talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me. i want to walk with thee, hear me, i have things to speak. stay with me, through my own peaks.