what do i do, i’m tired, how do i finish, so i can start, how is this diminished, in the midst of so many beginnings, how do i write and play in the right ways, starting right away. i’m tired but am i, what am i doing apart from sitting, i must burst maybe, i must quench my thirst maybe, i’ve heard a water war is necessary. fighting tears is the only way to let them fall, it’s all it’s all it’s all it’s all

who cares who knows who loves who grows who shows themselves out and in, in new places where new loves begin. it’s too easy it’s too hard, fuck. ahh i must run. i’m weak but song.

how do i live, without care but with it how do i give myself fully to every moment without losing it. what do i say or sing that can fall off like water but glisten like a diamond ring, swing swing back and forth brings more swing swing

who is watching, who is thinking, all thoughts must be fallen through in my own living, and even when they become real in others eyes or mine, i must acknowledge them when they come or they start their own life goals.

am i good enough, is ultimately what i am coming back to now, the old story that makes things mean too much to be enjoyed.

why are you waiting, what are you waiting, who are you blaming, why are you shaking and who’s showing you the way. who is taking you to their own place, or is it you and your grace disgrace, great displace.

simple and calm, but still shaky, who’s shaking.

low down, no thought, action in line with existence, with no faults, only flow, flow inside of yourself always through all hard places, to soften and loosen them.

real real, real real, real real, real real, real real, real real, real real.

coasting by no coasting.

naturally, all naturally