full emotionality

fully emotional

right side expression out into the ether

full realm of experience

let go through upper right mind

feel through stay centered inside


i am in love with my mind


i am in love with my kindness, and my trials.


i am finding everything all aways all mindings full kind.

full write full write full shame full fright full hope full loss full slide full find.

what is this reality and am i worth the things that i want in life

yes. yes. full emotionality. full vulnerability, full dynamic information accessibility, full weight full release in every moment.

these situations form around me and disperse. everyone in every state welcomes thirst, welcomes shift, from good to bad or bad going worse. this will never disperse, but grow ever dispersed.

stay here. stay alone. stay in pain. stay in sorrow. stay in joy. stay in love. stay in wealth. give it all up. hugs. fun. hard. becomes. one. become. one. now. release into the unwanted. all is wanted all is one in every come-up there is work to be done, wrongs to un-shun. hate to love. no numb no numb no numb. more expansive someone. more expansive someone

how can i be so powerful, so masterful and so no-one. stay no-one. stay fully direct and powerful at the right moments. full dynamic willingness of the whole spectrum.

my feet hurt. my socks stink. i know. i feel weak. i feel scared. i feel unclean, i feel too aware. too aware of one specific thing. i want to release i need full release. this is a new week. i want to let miracles unfold in me directly. i want to be fully unique. fully unique. fully unique.

what does a weight carried a weight mean. make me. make me. make me. release. save and un-save all things. following