yesterday i stood down the usps with presence.

today i met a rich disaster falling down drunk, skin plastered

tomorrow will be another adventure, and one i’m sure of

for i know how to live without censure

my heart grows more in measure to my minds let-go of old stale findings.

i am in love and lying,

here i can feel inside me,

shining shining, birthing and dying, still afraid of crying slightly

my god is mine and my findings are real, though written in full they still appeal. to more. to more to more tomorrows, more growth more sorrows, more mind more mallows, refining and rebuilding, from the marrows out, from the morning shout, come the day i spout, once the day i was first mouthed in making, the master’s made with no faking.

wanting and waining, wanting and waining, loving and waiting, still waiting, still praying, still hating the days of my making, for i’m still in my making, forever in my making. keep trying, keep praying, keep saying straight from the directness, inside complete is complaint. i am compliant with this life for i made it.

i made it

i made it,

i made it

i’m making