F e ar

mhm fear mhm mmm mmm fear mmm mhm fear

do i have it ready

and i know that i’m fine

just let me sing out

just let me sing what i want to mean

and then to the past here i go and i will fall fleeting now

beam me lies just hold me out

all the way to see the weight of modern times

if in doubt i will find out i will cornerstone look at me now

it’s all fine

don’t get solid about it anymore

it's all fine

made in motion

mmm what is your problem now

won’t you mean it

just keep on going and i know that you are sold

i’m never even thinking about it


stayed up till morning light

more time

there it goes

more time


more time and soon you will see there is no time

so lie in your bed all night

and just leap looking at the stars arrived



don’t threat

all right

don’t thread