more time i need
more time i need
more time i need
more time

oh my friend
you are leaning it on me again
my friend

oh mama

(it’s fine but sometimes i don’t know why)
oh my mother was younger than i am now, when she was born

so tomorrow i will follow if i know and i
there was no one in autumn and i was out
in the mourning that i shout
and the mother that had gone south

there is no way to me use
now i let coming truly

(don’t hold me)
it’s still fine

born in
head and
had a lot of
my lead in
morning and i was found in the know
there was all tone
there was all tone

this room out here is all yours
this bone out here is all yours
this love i feel
(the sun is hanging dreams)
is all yours
(but i am awake and my sleep is never coming in)
it’s all yours

but i am trying
slow it down and i do know you, though i haven’t had

no one around me, i was ornery all night

m m m

bring forth the ever
(still i follow the old)

oh mama

oh mama
(i never know)

bring forth we’re never old

i will forever hold