i am a multi-disciplinary artist whose mediums of interest span many forms. these being namely, mainly the film, music, and comedyworld zones. although to truly encompass the truth, the interests of this, aforementioned, me, are those of all spectrums of communication; and tertiarily(jk), in communicating in fashions that maximize the true unbroken essence of any idea from inception to conception to reception. not that that would be evidenced necessarily in this, current example. but i digress...

as a youngster, i knew i wanted music. i studied violin in a dual capacity, learning through both classical and bluegrass methodologies and acheiving great regional success in each arena(jk). however, both of these styles – while having obvious differences – share a very traditionally rooted and structured approach to music, and never really aligned with my strengths or interests.

in my teen years, i continued infurling my artistic interests into more contemporary music and started the long process of opening up my song writing ability. at this time, i also realized that i wanted to make and act in movies in addition to being a musician , and spent my high school years making videos and taking pictures whenever the space presented itself to.

then i went to college, smoked weed, dropped out of college, and have spent the remaining eternities processing my life and heritage, and working my way towards clear and true expression(jk) that communicates and resonates love for everyone. this is my great goal.

also comedy got in there somewhere,
but i don't know when.